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New Stuff

  • The new face style has been applied. Let us know what you think!
  • First phase of the desktop UI is in! You should notice smaller buttons for stuff based on your screen size.
  • You can now reset your character manually in the Options panel. No more waiting for Jason to get around to it in the forums :-)
  • A new vendor has been added to Runner’s Rest! Milly will sell contracts for followers you haven’t yet recruited. Her list is short, but will grow with future patches.

New Stuff

  • Follower system now functional. This replaces the concept of captains with followers. A follower is a character that can either be placed in your party, or assigned tasks at your buildings. All tasks require a certain skill level with the task type, and performing a task gets the follower skill points in that field. For example, if one of your followers has the Tailor skill, they can perform tailoring tasks for you, and improve as they finish those tasks.
  • All town buildings changed to support the new follower task model. To produce gold coins, a follower will need to be assigned a task to work the Tavern. To harvest wood, a follower will need to be assigned a task to gather wood. etc.
  • Since this is the first patch with follower tasks, expect balance issues.
  • Follower traits partially in. Some followers are quicker at tasks, but might consume more resources for the task. Others might have a higher chance of crafting something more rare or getting bonus loot, but would have a higher labor cost.

We just wrapped up our first Developer Twitch Livesteam and now it’s on Youtube for those of you who missed it! If you are interested in hearing about the development process from our group of talented game designers, programmers, and artists, check it out below!


The team has been working on our biiiig Beta1 patch. This patch will introduce the first dungeon instance of the game, The Green Grotto, complete with boss fights, epic loot, and a brand new dungeon tile set. We also are overhauling the crafting system to be a bit more interesting and relevant for RPG players. On top of that, players will be able to craft their own dyes/paints, healing and energy tonics, and various other things. Oh, the patch will also introduce character classes through our COG system, so you can mix ‘n match various class types for all of your humanoid characters.

The Steam Bandits Team made it to PAX South 2015 this year and we met a lot of great people in the game industry and many awesome gamers!

Jason at PAX


Thank you for a great year and for your continued support!

The team is working some new surprises for you all in the 2015 year. Some of these involve videos, a new website, along with cool new features and changes for the game. We’re working on new dungeons, stories and creatures we can’t wait to share with you!

Be safe and have fun!

–The Steam Bandits Team